Sideways cross necklace meaning

Posted on May 23, 2013

 What is a Sideways Cross Necklace?

This is a chain or rope necklace where the cross is attached to the chain or rope at its top and bottom ends, so that the cross is laying down sideways. It differs from the traditional cross necklace that we are used to seeing, where the cross is a pendant that is hanging down from the chain so that it is standing upright.

This unique design of cross necklace is an unconventional variation on the classic style that has been prevalent for centuries.

Sideways cross necklace meaning

What Is The Meaning Of The Sideways Cross?

People have come up with different interpretations about the laying down cross in this type of jewelry. Several ladies say It signifies Jesus Christ carrying the cross and suffering for mankind and others that it signifies the cross having been laid down after Jesus has risen. Still others feel it has no specific religious message, but instead is a symbol of humanity or self-awareness. And still others say that it is simply a fashion accessory, and an expression of individual style. It shows you are fashionable – no more, no less.

In all, it really seems that the designers of these necklaces are simply out to create beautiful jewelry pieces that reflect their own creativity, and have no intention of the necklace having any other special meaning.

As with any other piece of jewelry, this type of necklace will mean whatever the person

wearing it feels it means to them.

cross necklace

Sideways cross necklace meaning

Other Places We See Sideways Crosses

Long before sideways cross necklaces and bracelets became popular, there have been other instances where the cross is depicted lying down. For example, sideways crosses are often depicted on tombstones in a symbol of resurrection of the soul.  They may also reflect the resurrection of Christ.

Plus the flags of Sweden, Finland, and that of Denmark are a cross that is horizontal.  This is a  patriotic symbol of honor and pride, making the side cross necklace popular for people of these nationalities.

Sideways cross necklace

 Why Are These Necklaces So Popular?

The first chain with a side cross only hit the market about 5 years ago, and has really surged in popularity and captured the attention of women across all ages and throughout the world.

It’s hard to pinpoint a single reason for this huge trend, but it has certainly been spurned on by great marketing. Many Hollywood stars and celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Miley Cyrus, and Vanessa Hudgens, just to name a few, have been pictured in the media wearing these beautiful necklaces.

The cross has different meanings to different people, with representations in religion, history, and culture. And the cross symbol in jewelry has been a staple piece for women for centuries, and many women have one of more cross necklaces in their jewelry box.

the siver Sideways cross

Who Can Wear This Type of Necklace?

A great thing about this cross design is that it can be adapted to so many different styles. And because of that, anyone can find a style that will look good on them.

Designers have created these necklaces in many different sizes and shapes. Each of these can suit a different body type and mood or personality. There are heavy bold crosses and slim delicate ones. There are elegant ones and casual ones.

These crosses also come in different colors and of different materials, and so there is something for every skin, eye, and hair color. There are gold and silver crosses, and some lined with diamonds and other colorful stones.

With the many variations that are available, it is easy for anyone to find a sideways cross necklace that they’ll love and that will look great on them.

golden Sideways cross
These crosses  make beautiful pieces of jewelry.  And they come in such a wide variety of sizes and styles, in gold, silver, diamond, and other gemstones and colors, that you are sure to be able to find a design that works well for anyone you have in mind.

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